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11/21/2022 - CWRP Update


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Small update to be followed by another update on Deployment Day which is on 11/17/22!

  • Added RC heavy stat changes
    • Half of Heavy Armour
    • No runspeed effects (other than weapon specific ones)
  • Added Skybox change command in the GMS menu
    • Now lets you pick from a variety of skyboxes to display to everyone on the server
  • Added regional timezone notifcations and UI to scoreboard
  • Added AU timezone Salary boost
  • Added AU timezone XP when salary is given
  • Added AU timezone chance to start store event
  • Added Title colour rewards
    • Option added to F4 settings
    • Now change to orange/yellow/red/green/blue of different effects types
    • Blinking Effect
    • Wave Effect
    • More to come
  • Added Anaxes, Cors & Mons Glacia to S1 changeable maps
    • VGM+ Can now change maps on S1. This should be used sparingly throughout the week.
    • A GM can request it to be changed for them but must have a good reason to do so.
    • Not to be used until Wednesday.
  • Updated UI across the GMS panel to be darker
  • Updated event ratings to be neutral by default
  • Updated the title system to optimise drawing + loading
  • Updated setgravity command to be enabled on S1
  • Updated Patrols
    • Reduced cooldown to 20 minutes from 90min between patrols. When event mode is active its reduced to 7 minutes from 15 minutes.
    • Capture speed increased
    • Capture range increased
  • Fixed AdvDupe checking constraint ratios on S1 when constraints option is unchecked
  • Fixed RC Aura
  • Winner 15
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