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11/26/2022 - Update


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  • Log menu is now resizable


  • New Lottery System:
    • 40% of tax goes to mayor
    • 20% of tax is split among all government employees
    • Current possible winnings is displayed on the left side of the HUD
    • Cooldown is 5 minutes plus the run time of the specific lottery type
    • You may buy any many tickets as you want however many times as you want while the lottery is running
    • Basic Lottery:
      • Mayor sets the ticket price
        • Min $1k
        • Max $10mil
      • 1 minute run time
      • 20% tax
    • Mega Millions:
      • Every dollar you enter into the lottery is a ticket
      • 2 minute run time
      • 10% tax
  • Questions System:
    • (The prompts you press F1 and F2 on for various things)
    • Totally redesigned aesthetically
    • Added dynamic sizing for save space
    • Added a flashing red progress bar when the time is about to run out
    • Fixed questions not being shown when you're dead
  • Picture Frames:
    • Added support for .jpeg & .webp images
    • WEBP images are now automatically converted to PNG
      • Some websites such as our own convert their images to WEBP without changing the extension to save bandwidth/space
      • This fixes some images just not working even though they should
  • Added a log to see if you claimed your own hit
  • Added whether you died in Kombat to life logs
  • Added the ability to cure diseases for $2.5k when there is no doctor on the server
  • Added weapon selection when purchasing a Kombat event
  • Strangling will now undisguise you
  • Removed mayor commands from F4 as they can't be used there anyway
  • Fixed store shelf price confirmation typo
  • Winner 8
  • Friendly 1
  • Intellergent 1
  • Dumb 1
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what's the question system?

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15 minutes ago, Kredorish said:

what's the question system?

Vote prompts.

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