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11/28/2022 - CWRP Update


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- Note: Any custom class changes will come in an update later in the week.

  • Added weapon_combo_fists from DarkRP - Replaces weapon_fists
    • Allows us to do some fist related activities later
  • Added automated event system.
    • Currently has one test quest which I will be running during low pop hours every day to find any issues.
  • Added gradient title unlocks
  • Added more tiers for hacking device refund luck
  • Added scrapper speed increase passive to crafting tree
  • Added selected talent previews to talent panels
  • Added more emotes
  • Added Jawa sounds to emote list
  • Added Twilek sounds to emote list
  • Added ignore tools to setting menu
    • This will skipp and hide tools in the weapon selection
  • Added alternative weapon selection UI to settings menu
  • Added death, hurt and emote sounds for clones
  • Updated crosschat to now show emotes if the sender is VIP
  • Updated grid system to justify items on smaller screens better
  • Updated passive talents to show only unlocked passive levels in green
  • Updated Epic Strength passive to give a flat 15/25 damage + 1 damage for each labour level up to level 20
  • Updated settings menu & menu descriptions
  • Updated battlepass experience given
  • Updated button permissions throughout the map
  • Updated CG Keeli
  • Fixed Eeth Koth runspeed
  • Fixed some issues with crafting timers
  • Fixed issues with error text... errors
  • Fixed Liberator not being set as a dday map for map changing
  • Fixed rainbow title issues
  • Fixed settings sliders showing a huge float number
  • General fixes / cleanup
  • Winner 5
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