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12/1/2022 - Update


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  • Added support to logs for non-staff viewers (for CWRP).
  • Updated Log Suite playerevents view to show yourself in the filter.
  • Fixed 👍 emote being incorrectly deserialized by Json (KingofBeast)


While this does enable Christmas content there will be more newer content to follow.

  • Added back last years Christmas effects and snowballs.
  • Added back the present.
    • Fixed to filter Cosmetics correctly.
    • Updated to give RC if no cosmetic is unlockable instead of trying to give an owned cosmetic.
  • Added a setting to remember the current position of your weapon switcher.
  • Added a system to overwrite HL2 sounds to reduce their volume on selected entities/weapons.
  • Updated Cosmetics to allow custom transform overrides per model.
  • Updated the hurt sounds to be quieter.
  • Updated the hurt sound cooldown to 1-3s from .25-.5s.
  • Updated Sector 15 to Sector 16 in map menu selection.
  • Updated navmesh for the Liberator.
  • Updated 41GC to SB internally.
    • Any API requests will have to be made to 41SB instead of 41GC from now on.
  • Updated 41SB colours.
  • Updated auto-event test steps to require more deliveries and kills.
  • Fixed player animations for new fists weapon.
  • Fixed incorrect spelling of Beckon.
  • Fixed bow emote permissions
  • Fixed spawn icons regenerating everytime in the cosmetics menu.
  • Fixed Aayla not being set as a Twilek.
  • Fixed togglelanguage not working on Civilians during DDay.
  • Fixed agent menu not showing construction-enabled properties.
  • Fixed bus stations showing dev markers.
  • Fixed busses not spawning on Coruscant.
  • Fixed an issue where a player disconnecting while loading character data may cause issues for people connecting at the same time.
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