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12/19/2022 - CWRP Update


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  • Added Season 1 Battlepass
    • 51 tiers with 56 rewards!
    • You can purchase some of the items with credits seperately if you prefer (will not reduce BP price)
  • Added back the Halloween battlepass for people who want to get the premium
  • Added World Bender Triumph and Title for GMs
  • Added Naval Stass Ailie
  • Added Naval Stew
  • Added Naval Orson
  • Added new Naval models (On restart, currently bugged)
  • Added 104WP Sprint
  • Added clearbiography for DA+
  • Added revives to auto event stats
  • Added deaths to auto event stats
  • Added HGM to badmin logs
  • Updated the NPC loot table..........
  • Updated the quest system to give personalised quests later on
  • Updated several custom classes
  • Updated Cosmetics apparel menu (better version on restart too)
  • Updated invasion system to use better spawn selection
  • Updated setclass permissions to 1LT+
  • Updated battlepass to support multiple battlepasses running at once
  • Updated pipe repair module location on DB hallway
  • Updated the physgun to only highlight items you are grabbing (on restart)
  • Updated gamemaster webhooks
  • Updated battlepass RNG cosmetics to give RC if you own everything
  • Updated Map
    • Updated reset time on MHB -> ERL doors to 15s from 5s
    • Updated buttons in hangars to toggle lights in hangars
    • Fixed floating light on port bridge
    • Fixed missing materials in staff room
    • Fixed GM Control Room issues
  • Updated C menu quick actions to show icons
  • Updated collectables to always be outlined when you get in range
  • Fixed ServerStatus and StoreEvent wevhooks not being sent
  • Fixed issues with dialogue NPCs sometimes ignoring animations
  • Fixed issues with dialgoue NPCs turning their heads slowly
  • Fixed issues with some weapon skins not displaying correctly in the world
  • Fixed the stat capturer showing people who are newly connected or reconnecting
  • Fixed some webhooks not calling
  • Fixed jedi from selecting the CT cosmetic
  • Optimised various parts of the gamemode
  • Winner 2
  • Friendly 1
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cool update

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