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12/28/2022 - CWRP Update


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The final update of 2022!

I haven't been home for a week so this is automated. GG if its broke I guess! Some of these things will have enabled in the week as restarts happen. If they aren't available already then they will be some time today.

  • Added New Years Bundle.
    • Reduces the cooldown on the present to 12 hours from 24 hours.
    • 2x BP XP boosters (10%+ extra)
    • 2x XP Boosters
    • Character Slots
    • 5x Store Event Tickets
    • 5x Arena Tickets
    • New Years Firework
    • Cheaper for VIP+
  • Added New Years 2022-2023 Firework.
  • Added Battlepass XP boosters.
    • Works like the normal boosters but boosts beyond the capped XP.
  • Added GM Construct and GM Flatgrass to the map menu
  • Updated Battlepass XP to now take into account XP boosters up to 500XP.
  • Updated Battlepass XP to always give you at least 150 XP.
  • Updated present to tell you how long your cooldown is.
  • Updated cosmetics menu selection colours
  • Updated some classes
  • Updated Navy Stew class missing model
  • Updated outlines to only outline your own physgunned props
  • Fixed group checks for talent level 40 previews
  • Fixed weather bit count being wrong (and giving you the hot achievements)

See you next year for more updates including the Star Map, fully implemented auto-events, Jedi changes and the Temple. Happy holidays. 🙂

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