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1/14/2023 - DarkRP Update


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Org Overhaul Continued:

  • Audit Logs:
    • Added a search bar
    • Added a category filter
      • Note: Only logs created in the last couple weeks and from now on that have a category stored will show using this feature
    • The last 250 logs are now shown instead of the last 100
    • Logs are now kept for 3 months instead of 1 month
    • You may now view audit logs from your org profile
  • Members List:
    • Added a search bar
    • Added a rank filter
  • Misc:
    • Org chat is now global across all DarkRP servers
    • You may now deposit and withdraw multiple items from your org inventory at a time
    • Misc menu cleanup
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed org menu not adding settings menu for ranks that can change color
    • Fix org rank permission saving causing permissions to go out of order




  • Added font size settings
    • Big
    • Normal
    • Small
    • Tiny




Everything Else:

  • Added apparel offsets
  • Changed Black Market Dealer command to "/bmidealer"
  • Fixed selling guns to Sasha auto wanting disguised police
  • Fixed crafting tables progress bar and timer not displaying progress or sometimes being inaccurate




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very cool ty 

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