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4/22/2023 - DarkRP Update


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Settings/Binds System:

  • Totally re-coded the binds system
    • Note: This means all your old binds have been reset
  • Profiles may be re-named now
  • Server binds may be re-mapped to different or additional keys:
    • Carry items
    • Printer self destruct
    • Player interaction menu
    • MoTD
  • You may now specify a condition for an individual bind to be active:
    • Always on
    • Can mug
    • Can raid
    • Can kidnap
    • Is Mayor
    • Is police
  • Added new macros:
    • Your name - {my.Name}
    • Your SteamID - {my.SteamID}

MadeupEel.png WebbedSpadefoot.png


Golden shower:

  • You may now shower players or entities with the golden elixir to put out fires
    • Only one thing may be extinguished per potty break
    • This will not stop props from being removed by incendiaries
  • Golden Shower Achievement:
    • Extinguish 100 fires with the golden elixir



Adjusted spawn zones:

  • Shrunk the zones near bases & PD but kept the larger zones around main exits
  • Pictures are in order from pre-update earlier this year, pre-this update and after this update:

CornflowerblueQuoll.jpg.7f66b35dc741f166 OvalAmericanwirehair.jpg.79814a8b543f340 VacantAnaconda.jpg



  • Added an FOV slider
    • Min 50
    • Max 100
    • Default 90
  • Added a reset button



Bind tooltips:

  • Overhauled look
  • Added a setting to disable
  • Fixed text overflowing the button if you've re-mapped a key to a key with a long name such as "ENTER"



Player Interaction System:

  • Added more functions:
    • Copy SteamID
    • Show SUP Profile
    • Block/Unblock
  • Warn to leave now starts a 10 second timer




  • Added an option to disable hit markers
  • Added some additional SA tools to make this years SUPs Got Talent run smoothly
  • Fixed HUD showing "F3" to expand widgets even if you've re-bound that key
  • Fixed F4 menu not closing when pressing your bind if you've re-bound it to a key other than F4
  • Fixed AFK prompt spamming every 30 seconds when you're AFK
  • Winner 11
  • Zing 1
  • Useful 1
  • Bad Spelling 1
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dope, here's a penguin approval


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22 hours ago, AJ_ said:

ok so W update for the most part  but the E to interact is ugly as fuck 







looks like an upgrade to me, you're welcome to be an artist and post a quick concept in the suggestion section if you have a better idea.


13 hours ago, omicron said:

is there a console command for this?


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