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05/04/2023 - CWRP Update


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Small update. The Jedi Temple test map, custom class updates and storage systems will be available when I have finished moving.

  • Added May 4th Bundle.
    • 25k RC
    • 2x XP Booster
    • 2x Battlepass Booster
    • 2x 2kg Weight increases
    • 1 title font (change to SW font)
    • 2 titles (May the 4th/force be with you)
    • 1 firework. Displays some ships when it explodes.
  • Added Lucky item.
    • Bury it to get a chance to increase luck.
    • Only has a small chance to work.
    • Has a chance to not consume the item on fail.
  • Updated Heavy class slots to 12 from 8.
  • Updated cosmetics menu grammar to make it clear what visual mode you are in.
  • Updated cosmetic menu to tell you how to add items to preset.
  • Updated cosmetics menu preset bind to middlemouse instead of shift + click.
  • Updated inventory faves to middlemouse instead of ctrl + click.
  • Updated how weapon zoom is computed.
  • Updated credit purchases to reduce chat spamming when bundles are purchased.
  • Updated inventory.
    • Cannot interact with items while in store inventory mode.
    • Tooltips show cash instead of count when purchasing.
    • Tooltips now show buy/take/deposit when required instead of their normal interaction names.
    • Do not show tooltips on empty cells.
  • Fixed issues with showing F4 menu when Cosmetics fail to load.
  • Fixed valentine rewards still being in the achievement spotlight.
  • Fixed certain issues where you could not press the buy button the in credit store.
  • Fixed titles from bundles not showing as accessable for most people.
  • Disabled easter module fully.
  • Winner 2
  • Friendly 1
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8 hours ago, Vertigo said:




video only ended cause his pants fell down

nice update. thanks scott 🙂

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