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06/19/2023 - CWRP Update


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As always, you may need to restart your Garry's Mod client fully to download content! You may have issues with invisible models or missing textures otherwise!


  • Added support for item and item type cooldowns in the inventory menu.
  • Added  5 new weapons (+ another next update). Thanks @Tobester
    • IQ-A11
    • CR2
    • DDC Defender + DDC Defender Duals
    • NT-242
  • Added Night Vision Goggles to the loadouts menu. Thanks @KingofBeast
    • Press left shift + flashlight to use.
    • Alternatively, use srp_nvg bind to disable/enable.
  • Added describegroup <groupid> <message>
  • Added 5x arena and store ticket bundles to the store
  • Added group storage boxes.
    • Any group member can deposit items.
    • Only high officers can withdraw items.
  • Added group upgrades.
    • High officers can now spend group gold on upgrades. To start with this will be to increase battalion storage space.
  • Updated weapons.
    • Added charm support added to the trandouzi.
    • Added charm support added to the dt-57.
    • Updated B2 blaster to have unlimited ammo.
  • Updated Gamemaster Toggle System.
    • Added night vision setting.
    • Added flashlight setting.
    • Updated to sync status with everyone.
    • Updated GMS menu to show what setting is enabled/disabled.
  • Updated Cosmetics menu.
    • Item category buttons now show preset/selected cosmetics.
    • Fixed some issues with cosmetics loading.
  • Updated the inventory system.
    • The inventory system was fully re-coded to support group storage and non-player inventories.
    • The item system was re-coded entirely to work with the inventory system.
  • Updated the crafting system.
    • New menus.
    • Now works like the scrapper to simplify the crafting process.
  • Updated Patrols.
    • RC and XP rewards increased by 25% and 35%.
    • Added 0.5 battalion gold for every person who completes the patrol (rounded up).
  • Updated Cargo Day auto-quest.
    • Reduced crates needed to 15 from 25.
  • Updated how hitboxes work.
    • They still use the hitboxes for detecting hits.
    • They no longer use the hitbox DAMAGE scaling.
    • Damage is now based on how far up the body you hit relative to their bounding box.
    • This may be reverted in the future.
  • Updated 212th
    • Heavy class split between 212th and AB.
    • Added 2 lore names to 212th.
  • Updated 104th.
    • Added Scope as a lore name.
    • Split ARF class slots between 104th and 104WP.
    • Split heavy class slots between 104th and 104WP.
  • Updated RC.
    • The specialty item changed to the Grenade Launcher.
  • Updated DU.
    • Moved Nuru to a lore name slot instead of a class.
  • Updated Jetpack.
    • Max fuel increased to 125 from 100.
  • Updated "# is a sexy beast" store tell-all to "# is an epic gamer!".
  • Updated Bardan HP to be in line with other Lore Jedi.
  • Fixed oxygen not working with stacking.
  • Fixed jetpack fuel not stacking.
  • Fixed ORG not having access to the CG skin(s).
  • Fixed all Jedi custom characters having different health.
  • Fixed inventory items are not being added to the currently opened inventory menu when purchasing items.
  • Fixed (?) issues with questions not being clickable.
  • Fixed fire rate adjustment timer with high uptime not working.
  • Fixed issues with removing bombs.
  • Fixed talent XP trying to network to disconnected players.
  • Fixed issues with buff panels on low cooldown buffs.
  • Fixed markers changing the global color alpha (making text appear invisible/dark etc).
  • Fixed checkmark styling for the RTS and group menu.
  • Fixed Jangotat's name.
  • Fixed issues with dark text in the group menus.
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