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07/04/2023 - CWRP Update


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Small update. Summer update to follow within the next 2 weeks.


  • Enabled all fireworks for July 4th.
  • Enabled July 4 clone character.
  • Added a gold cap of 40 to battalions.
  • Updated stimkit to no longer self-heal while in flight.
  • Updated to latest Badmin changes.
  • Updated summer weather checker and other summer-related things.
  • Updated patrol gold to cap at 4 per petrol.
  • Updated storage to use new "storagewithdraw" permission so not all naval have full storage permissions.
  • Updated NVG key bind to "impulse 201". This is T by default.
  • Updated craft times on multiple items including ammo and crystal.
  • Updated prone players to take flat base damage.
  • Updated pulse ammo tracers' light so they do not emit when NVGs are enabled.
    • Possible fix for night vision flickering for some people.
  • Fixed some issues with character permadeath checks causing errors elsewhere.
  • Fixed "clear loadouts" option not calling Unequip on items that are not physical entities.
  • Fixed issues with food consumables (like juice).
  • Fixed issues with weapon damage juice.
  • Fixed 104WP arf models not defaulting 104WP trooper/lowofficer
  • Fixed 212th not having access to the Nova lore name.
  • Fixed crafting
    • Fixed tables breaking too often.
    • Fixed cancel button not working
    • Fixed required crafting materials updating incorrectly when a craft is complete.
  • Fixed how storage permission checks were done (fixes sub-battalion access).
  • Fixed timers on area trigger applying to the owner rather than the activator.
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