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10/31/2023 - CWRP Update


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  • Enabled Halloween content from the last year.
    • Halloween Battlepass is 14% off.
    • Halloween NPCs in the lobby.
    • Fireworks available until the 11/7/23
  • Updated Chat Emote Tags
    • Can now select unlocked playtime emotes.
    • Cleared up confusion about "VIP+ required" when its actually a blacklisted emote.
  • Updated Artifacts
    • Updated consumption time to 2-7 sec from 5-10 sec.
    • Updated drop chances very slightly.
    • Fixed an issue where using artifacts would nearly always freeze you until you attacked.
  • Updated Inventory UI
    • Updated search feature to show matching item names only.
    • Updated favourites to instantly push them to the top instead of on the next opening.
  • Updated custom classes.
  • Updated Force Heal passive to become two passives that control Group Heal and Heal so they can be balanced easier.
  • Updated title settings to only apply after the client selects and fully loads a character.
  • Updated Force Throw passive level 50 speed to fix issues with collisions and returning.
  • Updated DuckSpeed and UnDuckSpeed to be slower.
  • Fixed Cosmetics delete doing nothing at all.
  • Fixed an issue with purchasing premium only cosmetics.
  • Fixed Force Push passive missing from level 40 on the Jedi Force passive tree.
  • Fixed wrong description in Grenade Blast Radius module.
  • Fixed Force Heal passive using wrong values.
  • Fixed being set as a "clone" when leaving a Jedi role in a battalion.
  • Fixed "rank only" loadout flag not working if a rank loadout was undefined but a class loadout was defined.
  • Fixed utility items not being given to Jedi when clearing other weapons from them.
    • Fixes issues with CG batons.

Note: Grenade Launcher Modules may be visible to craft but do not do anything currently. You will not lose anything by crafting them or equipping.

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1 hour ago, Nomad said:

Me when the troll sends someone into Moonpool again and a CG Private arrested them

That's always bound to happen at somepoint during every Halloween 

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