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12/15/2023 - CWRP Update


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Part 2 + New Years content re-activation coming soon after.

  • Enabled Christmas content
    • Changed to Liberator snow variant.
    • Added throwable snowballs
    • Added back Seasonal Present.
    • Added Christmas store to the lobby to buy snackies and stuff.
  • Added 50,000 hour playtime emote/reward.
  • Added 83 maps (old news but not sure if this was noted for historical purposes)
  • Updated Seasonal Present to have a chance to give luck or Forcepower tree XP instead of battalion XP.
    • Old newyear 2022 bundle will halve the cooldown to 12 hours also.
  • Updated (optimized) saber backend a good amount to support bug fixing/balancing force abilities live.
  • Updated ARC models.
  • Updated a lot of custom class models/stats.
  • Fixed DA+ resetname command.
  • Fixed DU not having access to shield if you do not have the standard battalion loadout.
  • Fixed variant maps not saving perma-props to the parent map.
  • Fixed cuffs setting cuff anims onto the one cuffing instead of the cuffed.
  • Fixed dual sabers not having updated ability bar code.
  • Fixed ORG not having utility items set correctly.
  • Winner 3
  • Useful 1
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