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02/04/2024 - CWRP Update


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For next restart.

  • Added player models and NPCs for GMs
    • Added Palpatine
    • Added Combine Sniper V2
    • Added several Combine Police varients
    • Added some Droid and Monster player models.
  • Updated GMS Model list to show more models
    • If anyone wants to add more to the list or add another section feel free to send me a list.
  • Updated Weapon Damage talent from 50% -> 20%.
  • Updated weapon base to force NPC holdtype to SMG
    • This is to stop t-posing for most combine based NPCs (so p much everything) when shooting non-HL2 guns.
  • Fixed Sabers not using weapon damage talent.
  • Fixed "avatar" command not being in the /commands list.
  • Fixed notifications not running when a new poll is created.
  • Winner 2
  • Friendly 2
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