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4/13/2024 - DarkRP Update

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Dank Web:

  • Added pricing information and statistics the buy menu
  • Overhauled the sell menu
    • Added additional pricing information
    • Added statistics
    • Added quick copy buttons
    • Fixed quantity defaulting to 100
  • Added an Update Listing option
    • Has all the information and statistics of the sell menu
    • Replaces the generic popups for "Add More" and "Change Price"
    • Allows you to withdraw items from a listing
  • Overhauled the transaction log
    • Added statistics
    • Added transaction dates
    • Fixed first 100 transactions showing instead of the last 100
  • Market Terminal
    • Now has a limit of 2
    • Is no longer a BMI
    • Note: Just like Gambling Machines this must be in a bases build zone (rule changelog)
  • Added a withdraw fee for removing listings and removing items from listings

2024-04-12_OblongPrimate.png 2024-04-12_WarmheartedAlpaca.png 2024-04-12_MediumaquamarineEel.jpg

Father George:

  • Cleaned up & re-coded menu
  • Fixed menu not showing correct price if you cannot afford the amount of Karma you're trying to buy




  • Added apparel adjustments
  • Added an alphabetical pocket sort option
  • Added perma Spray Paint
    • Cost 750 Credits
  • Admins may now use the "Reset Name" command
  • Fixed org color picker sometimes not sending the updated org color to the server
  • Fixed admins not being able to remove Crafting Tables
  • Fixed Meth Heads sometimes spawning in main spawn
  • Fixed Drug Crafting Tables not being arrestable
  • Fixed strip weapons area trigger not stripping base weapons @LMA0
  • Agree 2
  • Winner 10
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4 hours ago, ImLoxy said:

it should be have been kept a bmi tbh

If it were Bmi AND unable to be placed outside of a base it'd be hell to find one

pick a happy medium

Edited by Corazo
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