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2024/06/13 - CWRP Update


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  • Added Mortar
  • Added Summer Battle pass
    • Early access to the railgun
    • 12 cosmetics
    • 8 calling cards
    • 4 Title Effects
    • 6 Titles
    • 1 Special Emote (jaws)
    • XP, RC, weight increase etc.
  • Added Railgun
    • Cannot be purchased until the 21st.
    • Can be purchased beforehand with the battlepass or “All weapons” store item.
    • Slightly higher damage than the Z6 with less ammo capacity.
    • Requires you to crouch to increase accuracy.
  • Added "Clear All" button to cosmetics
  • Added "Disable passives" checkbox to the talents menu
  • Added "Buy All Weapons" store item
  • Added tabs to the store page
  • Added credit purchase option to imprints
  • Added Grenade Ammo item.
  • Added Grenade Ammo crafting recipe.
    • Gives you 20 grenades per box.
    • 2 boxes per craft
  • Updated staff/GM password prompt so it now auto-focuses the password field.
  • Updated Stimkit
    • Burst Mode and Trickle mode with differing Cooldown and heal values for medics.
  • Updated salary notification to show the VIP boost
  • Updated VIP+ to give 10% off to battlepass
  • Updated Inventory
    • Max stack is now 400,000.
    • Max of 60 slots for non-battalion members.
  • Updated Grenade Launcher grenades
  • Updated Grenades
    • Right click will underhand throw the greande
    • Right click while crouching will roll the grenade.
    • Grenades are now colour coded to their main types
      • White = Flash
      • Red = Explosive
      • Yellow = Dioxis
      • Blue = Shield/Heal
    • You must now equip Grenade Ammo. (unless you have the perma ammo store upgrade)
    • This also updated the Grenade Launcher.
  • Updated login rewards to give Grenade Ammo.
  • Updated bomb tool
    • Added name tags for all to see
    • Right click to replace prop with bomb
  • Updated "setattachment" (module) cooldown to 1s from 3s
  • Fixed toolgun prop spawning
  • Fixed moving non-owned inventory items
  • Fixed trading sell orders being disabled from inventory update
  • Fixed markers for people in radio
  • Fixed calling cards overlaying the "Give Up" button
  • Fixed some consumable items not adjusting or applying correctly
  • Fixed Grenade Launcher applying range and damage modules incorrectly
  • Fixed class talents showing in talents list overview
  • Winner 6
  • Useful 1
  • Intellergent 1
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42 minutes ago, ExoAddict | sups.gg said:

Great update. Will we getting recoil back on weapons any time soon? I really hate the current shooting sistem, it's not fun at all.

Recoil has returned 🙂

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