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6/15/2024 - DarkRP Update

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New Knives:

  • Bayonet | Galaxy White
  • Karambit | Galaxy White
  • Butterfly | Galaxy White

2024-06-12_DiscretePolecat.gif 2024-06-12_TrainedQueenalexandrasbirdwingbutterfly.gif2024-06-12_CompetentCamel.gif



  • Lowered the chance of Rona events from lootboxes
  • Slight performance improvements to player info HUD
  • Fixed disguise indicator for Government & SOD
  • Fixed sledge hammer/fist hits to doors not resetting after a door is knocked down (allowed doors to be knocked with as little as one hit)
  • Fixed share props not disabling when you leave/disband a party (allowed anyone with the same party as you to use your props, aka everyone else who didn't have a party)
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stiletto knife when? Lowering rona events = 😞

Edited by Kredorish
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i fw the skins, will I be dropping money on the server no

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