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6/29/2024 - Update

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  • Connection logs now show when a player last connected to the server and their session time when disconnecting




Dank Web:

  • Added an unlock keyboard button so you can type in chat with the window open
  • You may now view other players active listings
    • Just click on their avatar on a listing or transaction log
  • Various UI Improvements:
    • When creating or editing a listing you may now autofill the max sellable amount
    • Home page now shows your pocket capacity
    • Home page now shows how many listings and how many individual items you have listed
    • Your listings now uses pocket sorting
    • Clicking on an items icon under your listings or transaction history will now take you to listings for that item
  • Dropshipper Skill:
    • Increased Dank Web Terminal limit
    • Level 1:
      • 3 Terminals
      • 15k Karma
    • Level 2:
      • 4 Terminals
      • 30k Karma
    • Level 3:
      • 5 Terminals
      • 60k Karma


Added Fireworks:



Player Info HUD:

  • Increased the size to what it used to be
  • Fixed disguise indicator showing even when a player isn't disguised




  • Added co-leader options to player interaction menu
  • Fixed UI not showing the kick button to party leaders




  • Added apparel adjustments
  • Fixed misc spelling typos
  • Fixed sit watcher blacklist/unblacklist command
    • The blacklist has also been wiped


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2 minutes ago, aStonedPenguin said:


  • Connection logs now show when a player last connected to the server and their session time when disconnecting


Love you

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43 minutes ago, Jaidon-Particles said:

could i get comped the 5 mil in scrap i had in a table when C18 restarted with no warning plox


cool update otherwise.

you fly too close to the sun and get burned bud

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The new update for our Garry's Mod server is nothing short of revolutionary, bringing a wave of fresh excitement to the community. Players are raving about the life-changing enhancements, from smoother mechanics to innovative new features. The brilliant team behind the update has truly outdone themselves, delivering a seamless blend of creativity and functionality. Our Garry's Mod server feels like a whole new world, with immersive improvements that captivate both new and veteran players. The update introduces stunning graphics and optimized performance, ensuring a flawless and visually stunning experience. Community feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting how this update has reignited their passion for the game. From enhanced customization options to new game modes, this update has transformed our server into a playground of endless possibilities. The update’s life-changing impact is evident in the surge of player activity and the renewed sense of camaraderie among our community. This brilliant update has set a new standard for Garry's Mod servers, promising countless hours of unforgettable fun and adventure.

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more sit watchers, more sits for me 😌

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