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2024.07.07 - CWRP Update


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Another update Tuesday.

  • Added Lucky shot + Force to level 55 to Lucky Prayer passives.
  • Added level 30 scrapper speed to Crafting passives.
  • Updated Bowcaster spread to be a lot tighter.
  • Updated smoke effects on grenades to reduce FPS issues.
  • Fixed focus issues with callingcards, death screen and scoreboard. - 3 files modified.
  • Fixed legacy item slots being invisible when the slot number is higher than the max allowed slots.
    • Slots will now show and any empty slots between them will be shown as a red padock
  • Fixed walls being offset too much into the air on the build tool.
  • Fixed 104th Taught being in the incorrect battalion.
  • Fixed CG Bel not having correct primary weapon loadout for ARF.
  • Fixed several saber issues.
    • Minor rendering issues (not cosmetic).
    • Shock effect error spam.
  • Fixed self-stim using global stim cooldown.
  • Fixed grenades using developer-mode cooldown (3 seconds) instead of per-grenade cooldowns and talents.
  • Fixed an issue where tags were not synced correctly when added/removed from another battalion.
  • Fixed error when trying to start redlight
  • Fixed issues that may arise from the last player disconnecting in Spleef before the round can cleanup.
  • Removed the weight system for inventory.
    • Any weight upgrades were turned into slot upgrades.
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