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08/5/17 - Update


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  • Forums button on the MoTD now opens in steam overlay and auto logs you in (they're to modern for Garry's Mod to render anyway)
  • MoTD now only opens one HTML panel at a time (Less performance impact on your computer)
  • Fixed a few things that likely caused the rewards system to behave weird


  • One line FlashNotes now auto-size width (the things that pop up when you're arrested ect)
  • Repacked FastDL content with better compression
  • Made police chief time-limited to match regular police
  • Fixed disguise menu F4 error
  • Fixed metal detecting sometimes not detecting weapons due to bad garry code
  • Fixed vote window no buttons, totally messed up the padding however
  • Fixed the lockdown debug command that was left in game
  • Fixed lights tool
  • Fixed a lua error with when using an rp swep
  • Fixed a keypad cracker lua error... again...


  • Added first person death
  • Restored and updated HUD
  • Better notification when Boss spawns
  • Fixed pointing to CWRP rules

(As always CWRP won't be updated until @Scott pushes his next update)

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