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11/11/17 - CWRP Update


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Next restart for server 1 and when events are finished on server 2...

  • Any changes from Server 2 are now on Server 1 (check the previous update).
  • Fixed group invite not working correctly.
  • Added keypad and fading door tools from DarkRP.
  • Updated the map. Thank @Dr-Alto-Clef
    • Fixed mess hall lights.
    • Fixed naval bridge windows.
    • "db door thanks for not telling me after a billion DBs with this problem this is what complacency does to people" - Alto
    • Fixed being able to jump into Jedi portal by going into the ATC.
    • Fixed engine room lighting.
    • Fixed staff sit room lighting being affected by ship lighting.
    • Fixed observation deck windows.
    • Added Gravity Generator Room to first floor.
    • Added Shield Monitor room to first floor.
    • Added health monitor to second floor.
    • Added telecoms unit to left bridge.
    • Added door controller to third floor.
    • Added force field controller to third floor.
    • Added window shutters to brig.
    • Added jail cells to brig.
    • Added a bar to mess hall
    • Added new citadel stuff
    • Updated Jedi Portals to look more like portal things.
    • Updated sky box and exterior textures.
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