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11/13/2017 - Update


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  • Fixed an issue where if the database disconnects and reconnects unicode things will not be stored/loaded properly


  • Redesigned "Arrested" text at the bottom of the screen
  • Hobos now spawn with 25% hunger
  • Hitlist no longer shows dead players
  • Changed player info order & added new wanted text so people can't fake it with orgs
  • Removed collisions from buttons, lights, lamps & picture frames (having them causes more issues than they're worth)
  • Fixed Kombat position on Danktown
  • Fixed genome not undisguised players if their new genome doesn't allow disguises
  • Fixed Danktown jail escape coordinates (if you get out of the cell room, you get flagged as an escapee)
  • Fixed not wanted error message on taser replacing name with "nil"
  • Fixed deployed riot shields not allowing you to pick it back up
  • Fixed theater chairs having collisions (the actual invisible hl2 chairs on top of them, not the props themselves)
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Nice update, Thanks for it!

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