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01/02/2018 - Update


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Update is out later today. However you will have to download the content packs again when you connect, hopefully for the last time.


  • Fixed nwvars using incorrect bit count. Now the 128th player works.
  • Updated twitch emotes for the new twitch emote API. (now your emotes work again).


  • Added Jetpacks
  • Added Fuel
  • Added emotes for R2-Astromechs.
  • Added some animations to the character menu because why not.
  • Added cosmetics system and two items to test it.
    • This is for testing and may not work. You need to enable Cosmetics in the F4 Settings menu.
    • If something bugs out on it and you don't report it ON THE FORUMS then it isn't going to get fixed.
    • More items and types of cosmetics will be added over time. There are no refunds.
  • Updated and refactored loadouts to support item other than weapons.
  • Updated notes so they can be picked up by pressing CTRL + E
  • Fixed weapons missing from content packs.
  • Fixed a very rare error with malformed model paths in the character menu.
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