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01/10/2018 - Update


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  • Scroll bars now scroll at a reasonable speed for mac users
  • Cycling player name in the chatbox autocomplete with up and down keys
  • Fixed up the module the handles all our database stuff, it's more reliable, faster and less prone to issues now
  • Fixed emotes not loading (actually @scott did, it just never got pushed to darkrp)


  • Added a search bar to media players
  • Moved license icon next to name instead of job in overhead player tag
  • When entering kombat SOD and Meth head are switched to citizen and back afterward if possible
  • If you go inactive for over 3 months anyone can take over your RP name now. You will be assigned a random RP name as you were when you first joined when and only when someone wants your name.
  • Removed fireworks until the 4th of July
  • Fixed org banners not loading for some orgs with unicode names
  • Fixed media player menu errors (probably, make more bug reports if it didn't)
  • Fixed org chat not working while arrested
  • Fixed description for Premium Org upgrade
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Good Update!

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