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4/26/2018 - Update


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  • Added annoying popups for staff who have not synced their rank in TS
  • Made it a little more clear how to get your UID for TS sync
  • Made the TS sync more reliable and less prone to going offline

DarkRP & Zombies:

  • Added Org renaming ($50,000). Click on the org's name from the org menu to rename.
  • Added back money reset for players with very little money, instead of resetting every server restart like it used to it resets every 2 weeks
  • Added hit spam protection from people who did not place the last hit on you (try it, it's good fun)
  • Added org banners where the typing and talking icon is above your head
  • Added org banners to printers
  • Added different size picture frames and changed it back to the square frame model (Small, Medium and Large. Change size in the menu)
  • Added a new default org banner icon (thanks @BrudrBear)
  • Added a new death screen icon (thanks @BrudrBear)
  • Updated BMI Lab design
  • 911 no longer requires message. If message is left blank then it cancels existing 911 call.
  • Fixed being able to make your job name blank
  • Fixed being able to sign up for Kombat after it's already started
  • Fixed emotes
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How do I do the money reset I am at like 0 if I get lower how does it work?

You wait. Maybe one second, maybe two weeks. Ex. If it reset yesterday and you lost all your money just now you get to wait 13 days give or take however long it takes one of the servers to be restarted.

Don't rely on it, it's not really meant to benefit the daily player. It's meant to benefit the casual and newer players.

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