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05/16/18 - CWRP Update


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Note: You can unsubscribe from all mass effect props. They have been converted and compressed to fix several issues with them. This means that all the paths have changed and sadly all perma-props will be removed. (This does not include textscreens).

  • Added fixed ME3 props.
  • Added swrp_textscreens option to settings (test for crashing)
  • Added sandbag bunks to builders. 15000HP, 90 second build time, 20 refined metal.
  • Updated perma-props to disallow models that the server doesn't have
  • Updated perma-props to clean out invalid models when the server starts
  • Updated prop limit and NPC limit 1000 and 100 from 2000 and 120 respectively
  • Updated health talents
  • Updated hangar names
  • Updated E60r ammo not working correctly
  • Updated E60r splash damage (reduced by 40%)
  • Updated structures
    • Small Sandbags 800HP - > 2000HP
    • Enforced Barrier 4000HP -> 6000HP | 20 Metal -> 15 Metal
  • Fixed buttons being used by everyone
  • Fixed stun guns working on event characters
  • Fixed several GM login commands
  • Fixed event characters not re-spawning on death
  • Fixed /train command exploits
  • Fixed several credit packs and VIP purchasing.
  • Fixed XP bugs (everything with XP intake should be 100% okay now)
  • Fixed attack speed exploit
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