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The newish forums


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If you were here in early 2017 welcome back to the updated old forums.

If you were not, welcome to the new forums.

  • All accounts, threads and posts have been merged
  • Uploads, polls, ratings, messages have not been merged
  • Your profile pictures have been reset to your steam profile pictures
  • Global chat and rank sync will be working later today/early tomorrow morning depending on your timezone
  • More polish to come eventually now that we don't have to maintain the forum software itself


Update #1:

  • Rank sync and global chat are live. Rejoin the server to resync your rank.
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Ewwwwwwwwww what happened to nodebb ;-;


This shit look like some old Xenforo type shit LOL

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Oh uh... damn. I’m also not sure... it’s like switching from the old forums to the other new one all over again. Where I’ll probably hate it for awhile but then forget until anotheris made.

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It is really weird to look at but I feel like over time i'll get used to it. It kind of reminds me of the metro re skin that you can install for steam but maybe that's just me.

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