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7/24/2018 - Update


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  • Improved Global Chat:
    • Job color is now shown across servers & on the website
    • Made server tag orange on the website
    • Name now links to your SUP profile on the website
    • Made it a bit less taxing on the server and client (faster yay)
    • Fixed messages sometimes just not showing to the servers
  • Made AvatarButtons show SUP Profile instead of steam profile (scoreboard, ect)
  • Made live rendered textures faster (textscreens, org banners on darkrp, ect)
  • Fixed forum sign up credit reward
  • Fixed chat mute not muting PMs
  • Fixed rewards menu sometimes showing all rewards as unobtained (maybe)
  • Fixed /smotd command


  • Added uncontested demotes for leadership jobs (Mayor can instantly demote police, ect)
  • Made Mayor vote deny button require double clicking
  • Made C18 hotel manager actually work
  • Made Jerome prices fluctuate from -50% to +50% every 10 minutes, all Drug Dealers and Bartenders will be notified when it changes
  • 50/50 Machines no longer take money until it is finished (less lag, removes all chance of money being lost due to a server restart or other factors)
  • Fixed pockets breaking when you buy enough pocket upgrades to hold over 64 items (didn't expect this one)
  • Fixed raiding class spawns (hopefully)
  • Fixed C18 hotel manager spawn being in the cinema
  • Fixed importing an org flag being purple the first time its imported
  • Fixed disguised hireable classes still being hireable while disguised.
  • Fixed changing jobs mid demote not removing the demote
  • Fixed demotions, death and various other means allowing you to get out of admin jail
  • Fixed arrest warrants not showing on the HUD
  • Fixed scoreboard flags showing missing texture when it takes a second to load
  • Fixed demote notifications not saying who started the demote
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Great update! Like the "young blood" feature in Jerome.

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