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8/25/2018 - Update


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  • Fixed an issue that caused the server to max out a second core (Might see some better server performance due to the reduced load. yay)


  • Added some new actions to the C menu (the command is "rp act <action>" if you'd like to bind a key)
  • Added confirmations to request to hire and to fire an employee
  • Added specific death messages (list here)
  • Item labs:
    • Owner no longer pays for items
    • Removed 1 second delay between pressing E and an item spawning
    • Fixed notifications referring to the item sold as a gun
  • New NPC:
    • Added a new NPC named Sasha who buys guns
    • Functions almost exactly like Jerome
    • Only buys from players who have gun licenses
  • Removed first person death setting
  • Removed poop collisions so you don't get stuck in it
  • Made c4, keypad crackers and lockpick shipments 10 items instead of 5
  • Merchant classes can now pocket full shipments 3 minutes after spawning them OR adding an item to them
  • Made meth blue so it doesn't look the same as coke
  • Moved hobo spawn on C18
  • Sped up the animation when you enter and exit thirdperson
  • Fixed being unable to aim weapons while in thirdperson
  • Fixed committing suicide as hitman while you have a hit demoting you for being killed by your target
  • Fixed issue where weapon sounds wouldn't play for some people (MAYBE)
  • Fixed old weapons pack still downloading for new players
  • Fixed org kick button not functioning
  • Fixed unarrest baton being under roleplay for non police classes
  • Fixed combo fists being under the build section
  • Fixed "The laws have changed" notification showing twice when the mayor dies
  • Fixed flash notifications having too much padding on the bottom (Mission critical bug)
  • Fixed zombies spawning with weapons
  • Fixed meth head spawning with weapons
  • Fixed spawning in jail with weapons


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10 minutes ago, CrunchyNapkin said:

WTF YAll GOT ME fUCKED NOw HOl Up WHAT KInda MaN is cALEd saSHA THe fuck

"Traps aren't gay" - Some fag who likes traps (2018)

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