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10/19/2018 - SSRP Update


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All content packs have change format and therefore require you to redownload them. if you have content downloads disabled then you must enable them. Your Garry's Mod may require a restart before and/or after downloading the content packs.

  • Added ship module warnings to the HUD.
  • Added confirmation to building deletion.
    • Requires you to press ALT+E to get a confirmation now.
  • Added player damage when seated.
  • Added Save XP boost for 15 minutes over server restarts and disconnects.
  • Added a 15 minute grace period for disconnected entity cleanup.
  • Added player models to Jedi cosmetics.
  • Added training saber to loadouts.
  • Added holster to NPCs.
  • Added "All Members" drop down to the F4 menu.
  • Added battalion status messages to chat.
  • Added borris to 41st.
  • Added Eeth to RM.
  • Added several GM models for players. (look at GM doc I guess?)
  • Added invite permissions to WO1+ in the Navy.
  • Added zombie animations to
    • models/galactic/troll/troll.mdl'
    • models/galactic/swtorrhak/swtorrhak.mdl
  • Added radio channels: /rjoin <number>
    • Was something quick will expand on next update.
    • /radio will let you type to the people in the channel.
    • /rleave
  • Added /ghost (gms go invis)
  • Added a passive 4hp per level to talents
  • Added translations to event characters
    • /togglelanguage makes them speak like a pleb.
    • Only certain battalions can read the messages in chat.
    • Has a chance to not convert some things correctly.
  • Added playtime cosmetics to chat and the scoreboard
  • Added agenda editing menu
  • Added crystal crafting bench
  • Added chat colours to Admin chat and other areas where names would show as white
  • Added battalion of the week cosmetic. (TEST)
    • You are given a medal to display on yourself for that week.,
    • Previous winners lose comsetic.
    • Only the people in the battalion at the time get the medal.
    • /gsetbotw <groupid>. Super Admin+ Only.
  • Added /setchatcolor <player> <r> <g> <b> and /removechatcolor <player>
  • Added /setallegiancespawn
  • Added /gms window to hold all gamemaster functions in the future
    • Moved /fog menu to here
    • Added some basic setting toggles
    • Added npc weapon dropdown from F4 settings
    • Added containers panel for class container feature (not implemented yet)
  • Fixed NPC spawners not working correctly
  • Fixed /tellall and announcements getting stuck on screen when spammed
  • Fixed cosmetic menu not refreshing on group change or leave
  • Fixed ARFTU spawning in the training room
  • Fixed salary dailies
  • Fixed priority checks on group commands.
  • Fixed incorrect bit count in bodygroup netmessage
  • Fixed ENS missing from Naval ranks
  • Fixed /removegamemaster not working if they are online
  • Fixed and updated RC for new users
  • Fixed /trainer not checking trainer permissions correctly
  • Fixed cosmetic models ui infinite loop on equipped.
  • Fixed setclass for naval (?)
  • Fixed button permissions (?)
  • Fixed XP/Levels not loading for non-battalion classes. (?)
  • Fixed runspeed and walkspeed not being set on specific ranks/classes (?)
  • Fixed weapons not being stripped when being kicked from a battalion class
  • Fixed loadout tool tips sometimes sticking on the screen (?)
  • Fixed stun gun loadout description
  • Fixed envmap on riot shields.
  • Fixed /gforceinvite classid not saving to database.
  • Fixed /setvoicerange global voice.
  • Updated ship module access to group members only.
  • Updated salaries for each rank
  • Updated scoreboard to show all players to event characters
  • Updated PVS radio and added Global Radio for server 2
    • No this does not fix radios. Only Garry's Mod devs can fix that (anywhere between now and never)
  • Updated cosmetics to be enabled by default
  • Updated crystal crafting from 4 to 2 days
  • Updated fall damage by -20%
  • Updated loadouts to remove group/allegiance specific loadouts if selected
  • Updated clamps on setnpchealth, sethealth & setnpcdamage to be ignored by SGM+
  • Updated setnpcdamage to 250
  • Updated citations to delete reports older than 4 weeks
  • Updated /setnpcdamage to accept most entity class names. (includes door damages, tripmines, trigger damages etc)
  • Updated Grenade damage and range
    • damage 300 -> 400
    • range 500 -> 250
  • Removed /fog
  • A bunch of other shit I don't remember. (mostly halloween and new gun base prep?)
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Dumb english people. Can't keep the time right. I'll just say Good Update, but im still mad that you don't know the proper date!

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