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11/7/2018 - Update


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  • Merged all the popups when you load in to one menu
    • MoTD is force opened if you have under 100 hours or have not opened it before
  • Steam name rewards work with `sups.gg'
  • Made the load screen show your rank on the server you're joining instead of your highest rank
  • Fixed a networking issue that can cause significant server lag over time



  • Added zipties:
    • Anarchist spawns with them
    • BMI Dealer sells them
    • Use zipties to restrain someone. While restrained they cannot jump, use weapons, chat in certain contexts, and will move significantly slower. (OOC: Cannot switch jobs or suicide)
    • Anybody can pick up and carry restrained players. They'll be unable to jump, use weapons, and will move slower. Left clicking will drop a restrained player.
    • After two minutes, a restrained person can struggle to free themselves. It is extremely difficult to accomplish at first. The difficulty of struggling free is lowered after more time has passed.
    • Anybody can free a restrained individual if they have a knife equipped and drawn.
    • Also contains a new logging category that shows ziptie interactions
  • Orgs:
    • Added audit logs
    • Integrated menu into F4 menu
    • Made rename function more obvious
  • Keypads:
    • FaceID:
      • Added an option when creating keypads to disable FaceID
      • Made it so you have to enter the code once in order to use FaceID when you first create a keypad or change its code
      • Anyone can now use FaceID
    • Fixed being able to set the hold time & other settings extremely high outside the menu
  • Shotguns:
    • Made spread random instead of square
    • Nerfed spread a bit
  • Split Subway #3 into 2 bases
  • Re-added cubemap material
  • Fixed joining kombat too late not notifying you
  • Fixed switching weapons while on a ledge with the climp swep sometimes failing
  • Fixed various lua errors in rare cases when you load in slow
  • Fixed an error with pimp hands
  • Fixed copbuy command erroring and showing globally if the item you're trying to buy doesn't exist
  • Fixed an error with text screens that could crash your game/break rendering
  • Fixed arresting an arrested persons illegal items wanting them
  • Fixed arrest, unarrest and stun batons failing to set its color
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Great update!

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