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12/29/2018 - MilRP Update


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  • Added /raid | /startraid
    • 60% of officers must vote yes.
    • If the raid vote passes you can now raid. A notification and a timer will be added to your HUD.
    • When the timer hits 0 the raid will end and a notification will tell you to leave the base.
    • When the raid has ended a cooldown will be display on your HUD.
    • You cannot do another vote or raid until the time runs out.
    • When the raid is over you must make your way to the exit (you can defend yourself still).
  • Added simple threat system.
    • Any terrorist that has been caught changing to a weapon will be marked as a threat.
    • Threat lasts 5 minutes.
    • Cleared when you die.
    • Indicated on top of your head by an explosion icon. Can only be seen up close.
  • Added several officer ranks to terrorist battalions
  • Added Infantry4 to terrorists
  • Added classes to 65th and given building tool.
  • Added sounds to mosin.
  • Updated damage hooks to be more efficient.
  • Updated radio capture notifications to show what faction has taken it.
  • Updated radio capture rewards.
  • Updated cache capture event
    • Fixed bug with 5 locations being under the world.
    • Terrorists now get 1.5k for defending them.
    • Nato now get 3k when they blow up all 3 caches.
    • Reduced cache count from 4 to 3.
  • Updated grenades to start countdown from thrown instead of when it stops moving
  • Updated F1 and flash grenade explosion times. Heavily reduced.
  • Updated M401, Mosin and M249 sensitivity
  • Updated threatcons to only show to your allegiance.
  • Updated 65th default weapon from M16 to M4A1
  • Updated recoil, sights and center point of M249.
  • Updated recoil and damage M4A1
  • Updated prone to reduce recoil by 30%
  • Updated models for some classes.
  • Fixed models for middle ranked terrorists.
  • Fixed damage double logging
  • Fixed /gforceinvite not saving class specified
  • Fixed battalion list not changing when you change sides
  • Fixed some models being errors
  • Fixed trained and untrained tags being swapped for NATO and Terrorist units
  • Fixed rockets not exploding when hitting the skybox
  • Fixed minefield clipping into side of base walls.
  • Fixed weapons clipping into other objects when a scope was attached.
  • Other things I do not remember.
  • Winner 6
  • Useful 2
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3 hours ago, Scott said:
  • 60% of officers must vote yes.
  • If the raid vote passes you can now raid. A notification and a timer will be added to your HUD

Is there a system that accounts for AFK officers, so say the vote expires they will not be included in that 60%?

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