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4/11/2019 - Update


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  • Made tellall draw on top of everything
  • Load in screen:
    • Updates that are newer than 3 days old are now highlighted
    • Fixed recent updates showing hidden unreleased changelogs
  • Fixed linux users being unable to download server content
  • Fixed a lua error with the chatbox when you first join in


  • Added additional stats to leaderbords (money, orgs)
  • Added currently running events to the HUD
  • Entities that can be physgunned by their owners can now be physgunned in adminmode (Microwave, etc)
  • Made the sup whitelist icon the sup icon
  • Hits can no longer be placed on the mayor during grace
  • Renamed the copshop Martinez
  • Condensed HUD info a bit
  • You can now press ‘r’ when holding entities with the gravgun to make them upright (This is somewhat experimental)
  • Simple Fading Doors:
    • Added toggle mode to buttons
    • Fixed toolgun ghosts not being removed
  • Security Cameras:
    • Increased max distance a camera can be from a monitor
    • Reduced FPS impact
    • You now have to press E to enable a monitor (everyone who wants to view has to do this, this prevents people from randomly placing them and lowering fps)
    • You no longer need to buy them, a tool has been added
    • Renamed old camera tool to "Basic Cameras"
    • Raised limit to 2
    • Fixed missing static material
  • Quickwant:
    • Fixed being unable to want new people after damage quickwant pops up
    • Fixed being able to want already arrested players
    • Fixed damage quickwant not disappearing when you arrest your attacker
  • Fixed being unable to re-disguise after cooldown without taking off existing disguise
  • Fixed unarrest batons not showing under BMI for police
  • Fixed linux users crashing on joining

(NOTE: Danktown won't be updated until later tonight / tomorrow morning)

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nice updaterino

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