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08/20/2019 - Forum Signatures


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Signatures were added for all VIP+. VIP and Moderators will require 250 posts before they can use them. They follow the rules just like everything else and abusing them will result in a lengthy ban. This is a test run so they may be removed. If you find any bugs please DM a Root. They will not show quotes, code or large images (it will scale to 64x128px max). They will also not be viewable on Mobile Devices. They are intended to add minimal customisability to your posts which is why they are intentionally limited.

You can enable signatures here: https://forum.superiorservers.co/settings/signature/

You may need to clear your cache to see these.

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3 minutes ago, jesus2 said:

Ok but what are forum signatures 

I’m on mobile 

At the very bottom of your message on the forums, there will be a signature (picture, writing, whatever). You can enable it in your settings to see other people's.

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