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10/8/2019 - DarkRP Update


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  • Added an experimental media player fix to Danktown
    • May not work with chromium
    • Video will not show on TVs/Cinema, just audio will play
    • Longer videos can take awhile to load (We have to download the whole video and strip the audio the first time it's played)

Please post any video links that do not work here.

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Currently not working, will update as I find more.

Holy Other - Yr Love

Clams Casino - I'm God

(Note: I am using Chromium, may be the cause, however other videos work)

Edit: Feels like if you pick up and refreeze a radio, you have to 'reload' the video by selecting a new one and re-selecting your old one.
Edit 2: Reason stated above in the previous edit was the reasoning for the above linked video to not work. As far as I have found so far, most (if not all) videos are working at least on the Chronium branch, with the exception on unfreezing.

Edit 3: Songs that previously worked are now seemingly not working, seems very hit an miss but with a better degree of working.

Edit 4 (Made 10/10/19): Opted out of Chromium and no longer experiencing issues, before I had issues where a song would play and then no further songs would until I had constantly kept moving and refreezing the prop, loading a different song etc.

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General update
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18 hours ago, Corazo <3 said:

5 Months since an update and it's this.  Thanks tho now @Kushy can use A FUCKING RADIO


Penguin: Aight, I know its been a while since an update. we been busy but. media players are fixed. but TVs dont work. but invite the blind homies over and like nobody would know.

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