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12/13/2019 - Update


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All Servers:

  • F6 now opens server rules instead of F1


  • Added temporary Christmas decorations
  • Added temporary winter stuff
    • Snow (enable it in settings)
    • Snowballs (Restart your game if you can't see the textures)
  • Added police chief to mayor computer
  • Bath salts:
    • Raised price to 1k each
    • Fixed health buff not being removed when it wears off
  • Adjusted heroin overdose probability
    • 1st dose: 5% chance (previously 20%)
    • 2nd dose: 50% chance (Previously 75%)
    • 3rd dose: 75% (Previously 75%)
    • STD chances unchanged.
  • Milk now gives 50 health and hunger instead of 25
  • Removed taser immunity from all drugs
  • Removed damage autowant from police
  • Adding co-owners to a door now asks them for confirmation
  • Tweaked weapon switcher ordering so it orders as it used to before we put knives on top (knives are still on top)
  • You can now quickly answer questions with F1 and F2
  • Reduced base lockpick and hacking time to 25 seconds from 30
  • Raised hacker cracking buff from 25% to 30%
  • Fixed lottery sometimes picking winners who have disconnected

(The SUP Winter sale is also here)

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nice update!

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10 minutes ago, Alexa;-; said:

still cant understand how it was a bug for like 3 years prob more

Because the internal function of drugs were changed years ago so when a high wears off it only runs the wear off code once. So basically instead of taking 200hp multiple times it only took it once.

Is a very very small thing when you consider bath salts weren't the go to raiding tool at the time.

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