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01/22/2020 - CW Update


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  • Updated map to rp_liberator_sup_b7a
    • Just removes snow.
  • Added Group Tags
    • High command can create a tag by name and colour.
    • Officer and above can assign and remove these tags from players.
    • Can be filtered
  • Added Dooms models for GM use
  • Added new CG models
  • Added updated RC models
  • Added updated ARC models
  • Added several Naval lore characters
  • Added /removecitation <citation number> to Double Admin and CG HC
  • Added Beacon entity. Press E on it as a gamemaster to change its name and colour. Can be seen from afar.
  • Added more craftable items
    • Oxygen
    • Fuel
    • Pulse Ammo
  • Added gravity command
    • /gsetgravity percent player(s)
    • Number is -0.1 to 5. 1 being normal.
  • Added scrollpanel to bodygroup selection
  • Added resource gathering system
    • Removes metal drops from NPCs.
    • Nodes are set on the venator (metal only) and Anaxes for now.
    • Press E on them to collect these items.
    • Foot items have no use currently but will be used for crafting foods for buffs (yay cooking)
  • Added Routes from MilRP. Run /grequestpatrol
    • Creates checkpoints to mark your "route".
    • Rewarded RC and XP on completion to your whole battalion.
    • Requires at least 2 battalion members to pass through the checkpoint to get the next one.
    • May start in upper or lower bunks and armoury.
    • Has a 60 minute cooldown and must be completed within 30 minutes.
  • Updated Naval Model priority
  • Updated FontAwesome and fixed several issues with icons missing
  • Updated saber throw to 200 flat damage
  • Fixed Badmin Twitch Emotes
  • Fixed Dash cmd arguments incorrectly eatings too many subsequent arguements
  • Fixed heavy attack not disabling cloak
  • Fixed parent and children player get methods
    • Fixes issues with markers not being sent to the parent battalion and possibly other issues with inheritence and command priority.
  • Fixed (?) various linked order classes not having weapons and/or models set on them by default
  • Fixed fuel perk not applying extra fuel
  • Fixed armourregen capping at 100AP
  • Fixed triumphs not showing a visible completion and instead showing the stats previous state
  • Fixed gamemaster and removegamemaster commands
  • Fixed saber exploit(s)
  • Fixed deflection kills not giving RC or XP (?)
  • Fixed inventory item count overflow from old legacy item counts
  • Fixed NW turret seat being in the incorrect position
  • Fixed missing training and Hangar logs
  • Fixed grapple hook visual position
  • Fixed event characters not keeping their weapon loadout from previous life
  • Other things I cannot remember

I'm currently aware of tags needing you to refresh the menu sometimes to show and patrol points in the air around some areas along with player models being hidden from the cosmetic menu (fix on restart). Remember to restart your game is models are showing as errors and make sure your gmod is set to download content correctly. An update to follow to add the rest of the stuff currently in the "Next Update" section of the Trello.

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