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01/29/2020 - CW Update


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Trying an experimental change to gPakr (our content distribution system). It will try to avoid loading content you already loaded since your Garry's Mod was started. This should stop crashing when changing between two servers, especially for people with low ram (<= 8gb). This should also help CW2 when changing maps. If your content suddly isn't loading anymore then make sure your user profile has read and write permissions to the Garry's Mod folders. You may also need to restart your client fully for this update.

  • Added Group blacklists
    • Add Steamid & Reason
    • Blocks the user from being /ginvite'd
  • Added Jex, Rys & Thire lore models to CG
  • Added revival message to death screen
  • Added 2 spawn points to admin room
  • Added Etain to RC as a lore character
  • Added several NPCs
  • Added Group Heal to master duals
  • Added patrol points to Anaxes
  • Added resource nodes to Anaxes
  • Added dioxis grenade
    • Small amount of damage to players. more to NPCs
    • Spawnable by GMs
  • Updated badmin to sync bans between all servers (bans players from remove server)
  • Updated health grenade
    • 10HP every second from 15HP every .3 seconds
    • Smoke opactiy reduced to 50% from 100
    • Fuse time increased from 2 to 4 seconds
    • Initial detonation gives 50 HP to everyone in the radius
    • spawnable by GMs
  • Updated resource nodes to give a 95% failure rate for several concurrent uses by the same player
  • Updated patrol points to drop to the ground for badly placed positions
  • Updated resource nodes to be unsuable unless the server has 20 people online and active
  • Updated NPC Q menu to split npcs into GM Hostile and GM Friendly to make it faster to find things
  • Updated patrol cooldown from 45 minutes to 90 minutes
  • Fixed cosmetics model UI not showing models
  • Fixed cosmetics models steamid whitelist
  • Fixed font errors on Radio UI
  • Fixed arrows missing from character menu
  • Fixed tags being out of sync with the database and server (stopping you from deleting ghosted tags)
  • Fixed old tags not being cleared from cache when reloaded over HTTP
  • Fixed an issue where tag creation group selection does not populate with current tags once it is changed
  • Fixed permaprop physics waking under some circumstances
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