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04/18/2020 - MilRP Update


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  • Added Phalanx for GMs
    • Will be placed in Nato base along with a T side counterpart soon
  • Added MK18, AK74, Makarov, M45 and M249 as selectable NPC weapons
  • Added sky presets to rp_highland
  • Added 500xp to FOB destruction
  • Added basic scout helicopter to T side
    • For THQ, EU and RF
  • Added triumphs menu to HR npc
  • Added changemap support
  • Updated Ford health from 1350 to 3000
  • Updated m40a1 ammo type to 7.62
  • Updated vehicles to allow enemy/non group passangers
    • Anyone can be a passanger.
    • Requires a driver to be in the vehicle. Cannot get into vehicle as driver or switch to drivers position unless you are in the same group.
  • Updated all weapon deployment times. Reduced by 1 second. Reduced sidearm cooldowns to 0.5 seconds
  • Updated bullet hull size to be 10% larger
  • Updated weapon alignments on ironsights
    • AK74
    • AKS74U
    • AKM
    • M14
    • M16A4
  • Updated weapons
    • Fixed AKS74U missing attachments
    • Increased RPK and M249 accuracy while proned
    • Decreased RPK and M249 accuracy while not proned
    • Increase fire rates of makarov and M45
    • Decreased switching times of handguns
    • Increased firerate of handguns
  • Fixed RPG damage against all vehicles.
  • Fixed removecitations calling IsCG instead of IsEnforcement
  • Fixed mines not removing after vehicle trigger
  • Fixed vehicles not exploding by mines + killing passangers
  • Fixed SA rank check calls for clientside UI.
  • Fixed impounding being instant on aircraft
  • Fixed salvaging on aircraft
  • Fixed damage from vehicles being applied to players
    • Any weapon with penetration will still be able to shoot through and into you though!
  • Fixed HR npc being off map
  • Fixed SAS being unable to use the Helipad
  • Fixed mediaplayers
  • Other additions I don't recall.
  • Winner 17
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