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[DarkRP] Limited 4th of July Fireworks


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As we do every 4th of July and New Years we've added fireworks to the credit shop.

How do they work?

  • Every 4th of July and New Years they are re-added
  • Every time they're added we add a new color
  • If you buy one years color you can use it every time it's added but no one else can ever buy it again
  • You can only buy it until the 4th
  • You can use it for the next week and every time they're added
  • This years color is pink and blue







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tenor.gifGod Bless America


8 minutes ago, Archie Diaz said:

how much do they cost

to spawn in $500 if i remember correctly, in credit shop can't remember exact number, few dollars though. 750 credits

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