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07/04/17 - CWRP Update


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Next restart.

NOTE: As usual, when new models are added to the workshop you are REQUIRED to RESTART (not reconnect) Garry's Mod in order for steam workshop to update.

  • Lots of internal changes and optimisations to lower networking load.
    • Many thanks to @KingofBeast for converting a major part of the networking to a newer, better system. <3
  • Fixed Lore Jedi getting weapons.
  • Fixed Lore Jedi Run speed being too low.
  • Fixed weapons not being removed when changing battalion.
  • Fixed weapon changer erroring when you have no weapons (mainly when jailed).
  • Fixed Westar M5 (or w/e the fuck it's called) not showing in the Q menu.
  • Fixed Jedi Group Heal, Targeted Heal and Stimulation Kits no longer remove custom health values higher than the targets max health.
  • Fixed CT Loadouts resetting on death.
  • Fixed CG Shields not removing when changing character.
  • Fixed Stat reset giving unlimited HP.
  • Fixed Jedi Sentinels unable to purchase the arrest baton.
  • Fixed CT stats not resetting when leaving a battalion.
  • Fixed CT stats not applying when being invited to a battalion.
  • Fixed swrp_hud 0 not hiding the compass.
  • Fixed possible issues with sparring causing death.
  • Fixed cloak force ability not disabling when changing weapon.
  • Fixed SA+ not being able to kick offline battalion members from any battalion.
  • Added Senior GM "rank" alongside head game master.
  • Added increase salary when the server is above 80 players.
  • Added back hilt selection to Lightsabers.
  • Added /changemap to Senior Game Master (Abusing this will get your GM rank AND your staff rank removed).
  • Added a setting in the F4 menu "minimal mode" which will turn off various effects and rendering options. This will be used more in the future.
  • Added simple grey-scale effect that reflects your current health. The more injured you are the less colourful your view will be. Can be disabled in the F4 -> Settings menu.
  • Added player rendering over distance option. If you have the "minimal" option checked in the settings you will not render players at a distance unless they or you are in a vehicle.
  • Added back auto-train to CT when you have another CT+ character created.
  • Updated Side Arm damages.
  • Updated Z6 ammo capacity and accuracy.
  • Updated Lightsabers, adjusting force pools, damages and abilities for certain ranks.
  • Updated 41st and 212th Battalion models.
  • Updated player nameplates to be more minimal.
  • Updated player nameplates to give a general idea of someone else's HP.
  • Updated Loadout and Inventory UI.
  • Updated Inventory to hold more slots and removed the Saber section as it will never be used.
  • Updated spawning to select Holster as the default weapon. No more grenade accidents.
  • Updated VIP boost to now give 50% more RC instead of 10%.
  • Other changes that I cannot recall.
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Now we just gotta get that sweet sweet senator update next and It's gonna be a grand time. Thank you so much for the update scott, You're a great guy.

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OMG yes! Edited force abilities! Yes! More RC! I think !Cloak was added as it was in trello? Maybe you forgot to add that to list. Yes! great Update thanks for all the hard work you put in!

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Now we just gotta get that sweet sweet senator update next and It's gonna be a grand time. Thank you so much for the update scott, You're a great guy.

this guy is squeezing his post count

Thanks for the update scooter

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