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08/03/2020 - CWRP Update


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Tiny update. More will come at the end of the month yes.

  • Added rp_liberator_sup_7m
    • Added fields to CT/CR spawn
    • Added arena room
    • Updated colours in MHB
    • Updated LAAT
  • Added minigame base
  • Added DU & CG shield buff AOE.
    • Getting close to a shield will increase your resistance to all damage types.
    • Does not stack
  • Added shop item to extend cooldown on booster reset
  • Added Cooker and Clanky to GC
  • Updated /changemap to block level changes if the server can't find the map file
  • Updated /roll to allow several rolls at once. /roll <range> <amount>
  • Updated PvE damage talent to 15% decreased from 20%
  • Updated triggers to be used on S1 & S2 for GMs
  • Updated /rjoin cooldown to 10 seconds from 2 minutes
  • Updated radio UI width
  • Updated level 40 perk cost to 200RC from 5k RC
  • Updated and re-enabled custom flashlights
  • Updated Ima Gun Di's name to Ima-Gun Di
  • Fixed some missing args from grouplogs
  • Fixed sabers being able to target ghosted players
  • Fixed setfuel not setting the targets correctly
  • Several other changes and optimisations blah blah.
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