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01/15/2021 - CWRP Deployment Update


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  • Store Changes
    • Storefront Update
    • Added Event-Character access pass.
      • Lets you play as event characters without needing VIP for a reduced price ($5).
      • If purchased before you have Lifetime VIP then Lifetime VIP will be adjusted to $10 from $15.
    • Added VIP Plus - Amplify your VIP
      • Gives access to Media Player in the OOC room
      • If you already have Media Player access then VIP Plus is reduced by $3
      • XP boost increased to 75% from 50%
      • RC boost increased to 100% from 50%
      • 3 Extra character slots
      • To be added next update: selectable titles and chat icons
    • "Show area" for the upcomming battlepass
    • Updated Media Player cost to $5 from $8
  • Added 15s to ARF
  • Added more selectable models to the civilian class.
  • Added claimable properties
    • Buy a property from the agency in Plaza
    • Lock and unlock the doors with the holsters left and right click.
    • Add or remove access by pressing reload on the holster while looking at one of your doors
    • Thanks to Nomad and Ramsey for marking the doors and their prices
    • Door prices subject to change
  • Added Cuffs
    • Craft cuffs
    • Cuffs given to CG loadout
    • Cuffing players requires you to equip the cuffs and click on them once close enough. This will take a few seconds allowing the player to run away.
    • Uncuffing players requires you to equip the cuffs and click on them once close enough. This will take a few seconds.
    • The player cannot type in most chats.
    • The player will walk very slowly
    • The player cannot jump
    • The player cannot open doors, sit, pick up guns, access menus
    • The player cannot be given weapons
  • Updated Cloak
    • Sprinting makes you attackable by NPCs for the duration of the sprint
    • Current 5 second cooldown only applies when you go into cloak
    • 30 second cooldown applied when you come out of/turn off cloak
  • Updated toolgun
    • Add crosshair
    • Decrease the HUD info font size
    • Increase background alpha on HUD Info
  • Updated craftable ammo
    • Requires 1 battery, 2 casings and 2 refined WAS 2 battery, 3 casings and 1 refined
    • Now gives 2 boxes of ammo instead of 1
  • Updated Pulse ammo cost to 150 from 75
  • Updated how chat blocking works for jailed useres (may block more stuff now)
  • Updated /changemap to only wait for non-staff Gamemasters to vote
  • Updated how loadout inherintence works
  • Updated /go to show classid and others things even when the entity has no owner
  • Updated gravity to work on connecting users
  • Fixed gravity CalcView jittering on the client
  • Fixed pp_colormod* commands
  • Fixed 327th cros spawn
  • Fixed issues with NPCs @Freddo

Other Changes:

  • Added Training Server (cwrp3.superiorservers)
    • Unlocks at 80 players or more on S1
    • Containers the boss arena, 2 CSR rooms and 2 ESR rooms
    • Follows all rules on the rules page still
    • Will have more rooms for different things in the future


  • Added spawn menu points around Cors Below
  • Pressing E on a player with your holster while close enough will start to break cuffed players out. It will give an audible queue. Break out time is anywhere between 5 and 15 seconds
  • Added more craftable weapons for cors below
  • Added Patrols To Cors
  • Updated Control Points
    • AOE Buff for the owners of the control point
    • Cooldown to capturing the control point
    • Can only capture the control point if there is no one of the opposite faction close to it
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