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07/12/17 - CWRP Update


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As usual this may require a gmod restart for your game to download the workshop files.

  • Fixed Tank and Speeder models missing from the server
  • Fixed Republic Medic models missing from the workshop packs. Thank you @JeffChase
  • Fixed Sparring (not really sure what people were complaining about, Jeff and I sparred 5+ times just fine with different ranks and sabers).
  • Fixed Jedi Master of the Order and GM not getting the correct Lightsaber
  • Fixed CG Rank Typo
  • Fixed scrap metal in-world item bug
  • Fixed refined metal in-word item bug
  • Fixed ammo stacks giving 1x ammo instead of the amount dropped
  • Fixed !freezeprops
  • Fixed character names being able to add spaces before and after the name
  • Fixed possible ship vehicle crashes and errors
  • Fixed grey-scale health effect not applying on spawn
  • Added anti-jump spam
  • Added XP Boosts to the upgrades
  • Added Si-fi citizen models
  • Added various models ready for senators and SA+ custom classes
  • Added knives to the upgrades, starwars skins possibly added in the future.
  • Updated offensive skill tree to finally be functional
  • Updated CG Jedi Guardian rank to contain JeffChase's new model.
  • Removed a ton of unwanted models/materials from the workshop packs. If something is now an error and it shouldn't be then please report it!
  • Other minor changes I forgot to note down
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