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03/23/2021 - CW Update


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Next restart

  • Added RC squad
  • Updated infuser module recipes to include more batteries
  • Updated the amount of modules each infuser recipe gives
  • Updated several models
    • A few custom class winners models/updates
    • Hotson Custom Class
    • Hearts Custom Class
    • Jays custom class
    • Tobester model update
    • Shax model update
    • Kato model update
    • CG models
    • DU ARF & Heavy models
    • 212th models and lore characters
    • 104th ARF
  • Updated the chance of battery pack spawns
  • Updated the time to collect batteries (increased)
  • Updated 501st TC to become 332nd
  • Updated puddle spawn chance
  • Updated puddle max speed to be a percentage of MaxRunSpeed instead of MaxWalkSpeed
  • Updated hologram player selection
    • Cannot select people close to the table
    • Cannot select people inside staff room, dark event room, event room, csr or esr
  • Fixed Pallet Dropoff not showing locations when a crate is picked up
  • Fixed storage crate shadows
  • Fixed storage crate showing in first person while carrying the crate
  • Fixed several weapons not working with the Accuracy Booster
  • Fixed dropped modules not allowing you to pick them up
  • Fixed puddles spawning in event rooms
  • Fixed several chat tab issues
  • Fixed tab menu forum link
  • Fixed VIP boost not taking priority VISUALLY (VIP plus has always been applying XP correctly) on the HUD
  • Fixed module items not removing inventory item on use
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43 minutes ago, Scott said:
  • Updated 501st TC to become 332nd

Very Pog


26 minutes ago, Scott said:

I forgot to mention that TC characters may be fucked on S1 until the server restart to avoid interrupting whatever people are doing. Sorry 😞

Appreciate the heads up 🙃

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