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4/10/2021 - Update


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  • Fixed logging in for the first time failing and requiring you to try again


  • Improved scoreboard flag accuracy


  • Rapist -> Strangler
    • New gmod rules, we had to do this
    • /rape -> /strangle
    • Added an assault log
    • Takes 125 health instead of killing stranger on fail
    • Lowered cooldown to 2 minutes
    • Gives 25 health instead of 50
  • New Models (no more re-used models!):
    • Hacker
    • Casino Owner
    • Hotel Owner
  • Taser now detaches free runners from walls
  • Changed Doctor command to /doctor
  • Fixed media players (hotfixed on dt last week)
  • Fixed mayor being unable to arrest entities
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Imo i like the new change. Rapist to strangler would be a good idea even without the new rules.

Also, do people in jail still 'strangle'?

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