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5/10/2021 - Update


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  • Reduced GC cooldown
  • Fixed log lua errors when internet/server is lagging


  • Updated bedside manner description
  • People who have been demoted on death can no longer be revived
  • Bodies:
    • Banned players no longer create bodies when you kill them
    • Fixed an issue where out of world bodies could be created
  • Detective:
    • Updated color
    • Removed want command
    • Auto wants are now assigned to the detective, but noted in logs that it's an auto want
    • Fixed auto wanting for suicide
    • Fixed auto wanting government classes
    • Fixed being unable to see 911
  • Event Tools:
    • Giveammo command
    • Giveweapon & setweapondamage cooldown removed
  • Fixed all government classes being able to use unwant
  • Fixed hobo spawn on Zombies
  • Fixed camera filters not being removed when you die
  • Fixed printer racks despawning when they have printers on them
  • Fixed media players


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are you planning on getting rid of all RP in spawn? you should, lol 

edit: ain't my fault players can't help but be toxic and throw casino machines and ammo labs in dumpsters

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