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08/03/2021 - CW Update


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This is a small update. The main focus is to put the badges for the community event on the server. Thank you for participating. For the top 5 I will make an announcement for the badge rules on our official SUP Discord server that can be found here: https://discord.gg/superiorservers

Thank you for the 450 people who participated this week. Next time we might go to Military RP or change up the requirements a bit since it seemed like people enjoyed the event!

  • Added Cosmetic Badge Support
  • Added invasion event badges
    • 5 badges that show on your chest
    • Work for most clone model bases, if there is a base battalion (non-jedi) model where it doesn't work then please make a bug report
    • Thank you @Chihiro | Barssonfor helping me design the badges and watch me hate Photoshop
  • Added local time UI when clicking the time HUD element
  • Added right click in emote list to set as chat tag for VIP+
  • Updated Patrols
    • Rewards slightly changed
    • Fixed players disconnects breaking waypoints
    • Fixed AFK players being put into the player pool if the waypoint moved ontop of them
    • Added new Patrol UI
      • Will show the point progress
      • Displays players when clicking on the "Patrol Points" button
  • Updated character menu
    • Creation menu only displays characters you have access to create
    • Creation menu now displays names above heads
    • Names will fall or climb depending on selection for better visibility
    • Rounded some buttons
  • Updated crates
    • Remove crate after 10 minutes. If someone is carrying it then keep waiting the 10 minutes
    • Cargo display type is now sync'd with all players
    • Cargo destination is now displayed on the cargo box
  • Updated Menus
    • Updated vehicle skin option buttons to be consistent with other cosmetic buttons
    • Replaced bodygroup menu with a refreshed list
      • Bodygroups, skins and colour now auto apply themselves instantly
      • Skins are now selected correctly when opening the menu again
  • Updated F4 menu to close when F4 is pressed
  • Updated F5 button to now open and close the GMS menu for gamemasters
  • Updated Triumphs menu to support special events
  • Updated ship and speeder UI bar
    • Also added reverse power indicator to ships like the speeder has
  • Fixed patrol issues
  • Fixed Naval Auras
    • Can no longer stack auras on the same person
    • Armour and Health no longer heal opposing factions
    • Health delay increased to 5 seconds from 4
    • Health now gives 50HP instead of 75HP
    • Explosion Aura was fixed
    • Aura radius was increased
  • Fixed boosting on speeders
  • Fixed some whitelist options on the toolgun
  • Fixed VIP+ not being purchasable by staff
  • Fixed colour options on beacons
  • Fixed /setnpcweapon* commands
  • Removed old scoreboard code
  • Winner 9
  • Friendly 4
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