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08/15/2021 - CW Update


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  • Map update
    • Added a button to disable the instant death trigger in the moonpool in ATC.
      • Please turn this back on when you dont have any roleplay use for it being off.
    • Changed Shield Gen room
      • Moved to training room
      • Wider
      • Some small texture changes
    • Updated Training Room
      • New materials
      • Added 2 columns
      • Added some cover for CT spawn ramps and SG entrance
    • Updated 1st floor
      • New materials in most places. Including bunks.
      • New archways
      • Fixed some vis issues with the west wing first blast door
    • Updated MHB bay lighting
    • Updated the walkway area (wider) between each bridge
    • Updated textures on the windows in ATC and Brig
    • Removed some unused things in Right Bridge
    • Some other minor tweaks
  • Added a cooldown to setattachment command
  • Added Ghostt and Galak Class/Model update
  • Added archway light and alarm support
  • Added alarm support to Bunks
  • Added temporary items for GMs to create inside of GMS
  • Added temporary recieps for GMs to create inside of GMS
  • Updated NPC spawners to support increased stat values and randomly have fire/smoke effects upon landing
  • Fixed new flashlight not working on non-order jedi
  • Fixed refunding of explosive ammo
  • Fixed Hyperspace status not syncing on connect
  • This was kind of a "Do whatever" update so there are probably some tweaks I don't remember adding.
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Not adoring the walls / floors. I feel like there’s no more depth and the darkness gives it an IF vibe which adds a sense of dullness. If even the walls or floor were reverted it would bring back the depth and possibly lighten the area again, instead of it feeling flat. Personally the walls being the preference as the pipes seem to exist now instead of have an actual connection like before. All in all an interesting new take on the Liberator. Thanks for the update.

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