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10/29/2021 - CWRP Halloween Update


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  • Added Cosmetics
    • Halloween Pets
    • Halloween backpack (only usable during halloween)
    • Khem plating set
    • Gas mask
    • Cybernetic parts
    • Be sure to enable "Seasonal Cosmetics" in the F4 setting menu!
  • Halloween additions
    • Halloween Store - Trade Pumpkins for items
      • Pumpkin Water - Gives HP, boosting to 40%
      • Pumpkin Pie - Gives HP, boosting to 40%
      • Pumpkin Soup - Gives HP, boosting to 40%
      • Overhealing boost will only be available during the halloween season
      • Added alcohols for RC
    • Halloween Crafting
      • Secret halloween item
      • Speed Potion - Increases run speed
      • Jump Potion - Increases jump power
      • Pumpkin Water - Temporary increase damage on your deployed weapon
    • Collectable Orbs
      • Flying pumpkins around the ship that you may collect. These give a random amount of pumpkins to spend in the Halloween Store
    • Halloween Troll
      • Give any spare pumpkins (20) to the Troll if you wish.
    • Halloween Event Leaderboard
    • Halloween Seasonal Triumphs
  • Updated Crafting UI
    • Now shows RC and Icons
    • Refined visuals
    • Replaced quantity crafting popup with something more acceptable
  • Updated Item Icons
  • Updated (increased) salaries of everyone
  • Updated Dialogue system
  • Updated Inventory
  • Updated FireBullet interface
  • Updated Crystal crafting time to 4 hours from 12
  • Updated Security Device recipe (reduced items)
  • Updated webhook url pattern checks
  • Updated ragdoll cooldown for Force Push/Pull
  • Fixed issues with mini-games directly changing core colours
  • Fixed an issue with force choke running forever when wielder dies
  • Fixed storage create character unloading
  • Fixed an issue with the thirdpereson offset deadzones
  • Fixed flash pickup information displaying incorrectly when aquiring large amounts of items
  • Fixed some radio issues
  • Fixed some issues with NPCs using holster weapon
  • Fixed storage crates following you around after character change
  • Removed defcon visuals
  • Winner 6
  • Intellergent 1
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4 minutes ago, Jitters said:

Are pets temp?


They are not temporary. However, players can disable them on their own client if they find them annoying by going to F4 -> Settings and unchecking "Enable Seasonal Cosmetics". The only cosmetic that is only available every halloween is the backpack couldron, bucket, pumpkin head and skeleton model.

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